Donate a 'suspended item' to a local homeless person

We were inspired by the philosophy of a Nobel Peace Prize winning economist called Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

Our founders Josh and Alice came across Prof. Yunus in 2011 when Josh started reading his book “Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism”.

In his book Yunus describes the idea of a ‘Social Business’, where he was creating businesses, but not for the traditional purpose of making money, but for solving social challenges.  Josh and Alice became so inspired by this idea that they decided to fly to Bangladesh to meet with Yunus. They travelled to Dhaka in October 2011.

In Bangladesh, they saw the various Social Businesses that Prof Yunus had created first hand. They visited businesses that Yunus has set up that tackled social problems such as the financial exclusion of poor women, malnutrition of children and blindness of the poor.  The efforts of this one man were literally changing the lives of tens of millions of people in his native Bangladesh. The experience Josh and Alice had in Bangladesh was life changing.

They returned so inspired by Yunus’ vision of a broader economic system, where business could be about so much more than maximising profits, that they decided to sell their events business and risk everything they had to set up a Social Business.

Social Bite was born.

No matter how big Social Bite grows . . .

Neither Josh, Alice or any other individual will become rich from the business. It exists to achieve social objectives. Simply put, we are cause a driven business, rather than profit driven.

You can learn all about the idea of Social Business in Prof Yunus’ books stocked in our shop.

At the time of writing this, Social Bite has 5 shops based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, with plans to expand to Dundee.

Our ambition is to grow into a large chain of Sandwich shops competing with all of the big brands like Pret a Manger, EAT, Baguette Express and Greggs.

No matter how big Social Bite grows, no individual will ever get rich from the business. After staff are paid and costs are covered every penny of profit is put towards tackling social problems here and abroad.

The dream is that one day there will be a chain of Social Bites donating millions of pounds to many charities, and employing hundreds of people, 25% of whom will have been homeless. We know that this dream will remain just a dream unless our food, service and value for money is the best in town. If you can keep buying your lunch from us, We promise to work incredibly hard to be the best sandwich shop in town and to make this dream a reality


Social Bite offers ‘Suspended Coffee and Food’.

This means that our customers can pay in advance for a coffee or any item of food from our menu, and a local homeless person can come into our shop to claim it.

We currently provide nutritious food and hot drinks to over 30 homeless people per shop, who visit us on a daily basis and get a filling sandwich, hot bowl of soup or a coffee as a direct consequence of your kindness.

Text BITE00 £5 to 70070 to buy a hot meal for ONE homeless person