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The Social Bite Fund (SC045232) is a registered charity in Scotland which seeks to alleviate homelessness through innovative solutions from employment and support programmes, to temporary housing.

Another key aim of the Social Bite Fund is to promote a new way of doing business through the promotion of a “Social Business” model, where 100% of the profits of trading companies are directed at social problems in Scotland.

Social Bite wholly owns two companies which operate the Social Business model, namely Social Bite, a chain of retail stores and catering concessions, with a quarter of its workforce coming from a homeless background; and, our restaurant, Vesta Bar & Kitchen which provides training and employment opportunities for homeless and vulnerable people, as well as a Pay It Forward option. Vesta Bar & Kitchen also provides a weekly sit down meal for those experiencing homelessness in Edinburgh, taking place on a Monday 3 pm – 5 pm.

In 2018, the Social Bite Fund established the Social Bite Village, a community of modular housing for up to 20 homeless people in Edinburgh with the aim of supporting these people into permanent housing and employment, breaking the cycle of homelessness for good.

Social Bite Fund Trustees

Roz Cuschieri (Chair)
Josh Littlejohn MBE
Marjory Rodger MBE
Morag McNeill
Kent Mackenzie
Ellie Murphy

Social Bite Limited Directors

Katie Crook (Chair)
Josh Littlejohn
Alice Thompson
Graeme Menzies

Social Bite Restaurants Limited
(Vesta Bar & Kitchen) Directors

Edine Gassabi
Josh Littlejohn MBE
Simon Littlejohn
Keith Wilson
Martin Wishart
David Wither
Marjory Rodger MBE
Mark Ross

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