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Social Bite Celebrates 5 Years

Social Bite celebrates 5 years

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOCIAL BITE!”  If you remember to say these words at the till at any Social Bite premises on Friday August 4 you will receive 20% off and if you are a corporate client ordering for delivery that day you will also receive a 20% discount, but only if you say the magic words.

There shouldn’t be any reason to forget because we at Social Bite like to include everyone in our celebrations and all shops will be festooned with balloons and decorations that day. There might even be cake!

The growth of the company over these past five years has been thanks in no small part to our corporate clients and we hope that as many of you as possible will feel you are able to join with us in our celebrations. It is a small gesture from us to you.

From our beginnings in Rose Street on August 4 2012 with just nine staff, we now employ close to 20 people and we are extremely proud of the achievements of formerly homeless staff members – Colin, Pete and Joe – who are still with us today and going from strength to strength.

It is a real affirmation of our firm belief that given the right opportunities and the right support, lives can be changed for the better.

We are currently undergoing a period of consolidation with our shops in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen and our two concessions to build secure foundations in every aspect of our business as we know this is important to our clients and to our future expansion.

At the same time we are forging ahead with the Social Bite Village because we feel sure this will provide the secure foundation for those who feel excluded from society to feel included once again.

We would like to take this opportunity on our fifth birthday to thank all our customers and corporate clients for their continued support. We may have been young and inexperienced but we still hold on to our vision of doing our best to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

So on our fifth birthday – a big heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us!

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